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Successful, Single & Not Willing to Settle is a program with a mission: show amazing, independent women how to embrace and showcase themselves in the dating world to attract their ideal partner. 

Learn more about Jenn and Amy and how they can help you find the partner you have been looking for.

Meet Jenn


Jenn is a dating coach, a wardrobe and digital stylist who shows our clients how to showcase their authenticity and beauty - inner and outer - through their personal style, social media and body language when they are dating and trying to attract the right partner. Her "no games" approach is to help her clients embrace what they love about themselves and empower them to showcase it with their wardrobe, not forcing them into something that makes them feel self conscious or inauthentic.

Meet Amy

Amy has a Masters in Mental Health and is a mindset and dating coach. She shows her clients how to make sure that they stop falling into the same traps they have been accustomed to: settling, ending up with the wrong partner, committing too early, and staying in the wrong relationship for too long. She helps her clients embrace their amazing qualities. Once they see how awesome they are, it's hard not to showcase that! Her straightforward and honest approach helps women attract who they want at a much faster pace than is possible on their own, and her delivery also shows them how to get there without games and gimmicks.

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